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Who Are We

Laurentian Technologies Inc. is a supplier of products to various verticals. Canadian Federal Government Departments can procure from the NMSO's and PISA's we represent. Call-Ups and Contracts issued to Laurentian Technologies are recognized and are applied towards any Departmental Aboriginal Objectives.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy at Laurentian is to bring to market the best in end-user devices and enterprise solutions through our partnerships within the industry and offer ways for new and leading edge products to be available to all of our customers.

Rock Solid. Rugged Technology.

We have the toughest and most reliable ruggedized computers and accessories available. Military, Law Enforcement, Oil, Gas and Mining Industries are able to access our IP65, IP67 and UL 1604 product solutions, and can trust in the technology supporting them.

psab-registered We are registered with the ABD under the PSAB

cadsi Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries

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